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30 Kw 800-1100 Kg Animal Chicken Feed Pellet Press


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30 Kw 800-1100 Kg animal chicken feed pellet pressFeatures: 1. reasonable structure design. safety. low noise. will not cause harm to humans 2. the material can dry dry-out. without drying. self-made motors. low energy consumption. high yield. 3. easy to operate. simple and practical. stable 4. for a variety of materials. molds can adjust itself to ensure the suppression effect. 5. with vertical feeding. natural materials fall by gravity. an effective solution to the wood raw material problem of poor mobility Flat Die Pellet Mill---30 kw. 380V. 50Hz. Three Phase 1. This machine is driven by 30 kw. 380V. 50Hz. three phase electrical motor.2. This machine can both make animal feed pellets and wood sawdust pellets3. The die hole size can be adjustable. there are 2.5mm. 3mm. 4mm. 5mm. 6mm. 8mm and 10mm for your choose.4. The length of the final pellets can be adjustable. too.5. Feed Capacity: 900-1100kg/hTechnical Parameters of KL Series Pellet Machines ModelPowerVoltage V/50HzDie DiameterDie Hole SpecificationSaw Dust CapacityFeed CapacityKL120C3KW380V120mm2.5-10mm40-60kg/h60-100kg/hKL150C4KW380V150mm2.5-10mm50-90kg/h90-120kg/hKL200C7.5KW380V200mm2.5-10mm110-140kg/h200-300kg/hKL230C11KW380V230mm2.5-10mm150-190kg/h300-400kg/hKL260C15KW380V260mm2.5-10mm220-280kg/h400-600kg/hKL300C22KW380V300mm2.5-10mm300-360kg/h600-800kg/hKL360C22KW380V360mm2.5-10mm300-380kg/h700-900kg/hKL400C30KW380V400mm2.5-10mm400-550kg/h900-1100kg/hRaw material size before pelletizingThe maximum size of the materials cannot exceed the diameter of the pelletizing hole. For example. if the diameter of the hole is 6mm. the length of the raw material cannot be more than 6mm. Please ensure the proper size of raw material according to the diameter of the hole. The pellet size can be 2.5-10mm. if you want to make animal feed pellets. 2.5mm and 4mm are ok. if you want to make the wood pellets. 6mm and 8mm are better.Moisture content before pelletizinga)The requirement of moisture depends on different kinds of raw materials.b) The moisture content of sawdust for the KL series die-driving pellet mill is specified to 10%-18%; and MKL series roller-driving pellet mill  is 10%-14%. The materials should be mixed evenly.Working principle of the poultry feed making machinea) It can process the oil cake and other mixed waste material to granule at one time. And it is columned granule feed and have slippery firm. b) During the process of producing granule. the temperature can almost reach 70 to 80 centigrade. It can make flour into paste. The inner granule is cooked and fully penetrated. so that not easy to go moldy and degenerative. Then it can be stored for a long time and improve poultry dainty and assimilation function.Input&outputKinds of  Raw Materials Pellets as Animal FeedRaw Materials: soybean meal. corn. straw. green fodder. meat and bone meal. whey powder. fish meal. alfalfa. straw. grass. leaves. etc. Pellets as Stove FuelRaw Materials: straw. alfalfa. wood waste. cornstalks. cardboard. grass. leaves. clippings.rice husks. branches. wood shavings. sawdust.etc. Other pictures:

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