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Commercial Sprout Equipment Sprouting Seeds HP-1500H


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Hydroponic fodder pasture growing machineApplicable:This kind of equipment is mainly used for growing fresh green grass from seeds. Hydroponic fodder is ideal grass for animal. poultry and livestock. Available 365 days of the year. no limit for the place and climate.Enclosure composite particle foam insulation board. internal structure. stainless steelOur equipment advantange 1.Big seeding plate:850*400*40mm.The other company of seedlings are only 600*400. which is 1/3 larger than the peers. The larger the area. the more seeds are stored.the yield is higher.2.Growth frame adopts stainless steel tube.easy to use and sturdy construction.3.Layer and segmentation to water.will save water.Each seedling tray has a corresponding atomizing nozzle on it. so that it can be accurately irrigated. and the water consumption per day is less than 1/5 of that of the peer. It is suitable for drought-deficient areas.4.Growing lamp beads up to 180 meters per meter.and peers only have  90-120. our machines have sufficient light and layered illumination to achieve precise photosynthesis. plants grows faster. with thicker leaves and more chlorophyll.5.Insulation door has high insulation coefficient and energy saving.The container type sealing strip is used. the sealing is very good. and it saves 1/2 of the electricity consumption compared with other machines.6.High output. adequately configured.so that the output of each machine can reach the actual parameters. Many of the peers can only reach the parameter of 70%. but ours will be 100%.0.8mm atomized nozzlesInternal configuration picturesMain data:ModelHP-1500HCapacity1580kg/daySizeStandard 40HQ container freezerSeedling plate(pp)1053pcsPower8kwWater consumption0.5m3/dayElectric consumption15 degree/dayTemperature-40ºC-65ºCPlanting area350m2Sowing amount per unit area4.4kg/m2Seed amount1512kgSeedling ratio1:6Growth cycle4 daysWeight6500kgNInternal configuration: 1.5p air conditioning.                                          1p water temperature regulator.                                          ozone generator 7g.                                          exhaust fan.                                          growth lamp 300 meters.                                          a LCD intelligent control systemPresent: 20 sprinklers. one pe pipe. one 32pvc pipe. two stainless steel scrapers. two seedling plates. two cleaning brushesAfter sale serviceContacts

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