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Magnesite Production Line/Wholesale Metal Production Machine


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Magnesite Production Line/Wholesale Metal Production MachineEquipment Manufacturing and Technical ServiceHenan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co.. Ltd. Is one of the largest and most professional suppliers of whole sets of equipments for magnesium production line. Our company has served more than 200 magnesium plants. We have more than 25 years of experience in magnesium industry and achieved a domestic market share of over 90%.With the help of our equipments and technical service. you magnesium production line will have the following features:1. High level of automatizationMagnesium production line adopts PLC integrated control. which is highly automatic.2. Energy-saving and environmental friendlyEffectively reduce exhaust emission. Dust emission concentration is less than 50mg/Nm3. heat consumption is less than 180kg / t standard coal.3. Strong controllabilityThe equipment has simple structure. capable of fine-grade dolomite calcination and is able to use various fuels.Production Process IntroductionFine crushed dolomites are transported by inclined belt conveyor and sent to the hopper on the top of vertical preheater. They are then discharged by feeding chute into the vertical preheater. These dolomites will be preheated to 800 degrees Celsius by flue gas of high temperature from the rotary kiln. After preheating. most of the dolomites will be discomposed. Then the dolomites are pushed out of the vertical preheater by hydraulic push-rod. By way of the transfer chute. they go into the rotary kiln for calcination with 1100-1250 degrees Celsius. After calcination. they are discharged from the rotary kiln into cooler for cooling to less than 100 degrees Celsius and then discharged for grinding in the next procedure.Main Equipments for Magnesium CalcinationJaw crusher. vibrating screen. belt conveyor. vibrating feeder. vertical preheater. rotary kiln. vertical cooler. ball mill. bucket elevator. screw conveyor. air swept coal mill. ferrosilicon crusher. gas/coal burner. bag filter and so on.Dolomite Calcination system for magnesiumWe are the leading company of magnesium production lines both at home and abroad. in the year 2011. we have signed an annual output of 100000 tons of magnesium metal project with the world iron and steel giant Korean Pohang iron POSCO company. Magnesium Calcination ProcessThe company's magnesium production line is very famous. at present. many famous enterprises at home and abroad have chosen to cooperate with our company.Step1: Calcined--The calcined dolomite granularA. Process introduction: As a result of mining dolomite is too large in volume. So crushing and calcining bulk dolomite. make its become particles.B. Main Product: Jaw Crusher. Conveyor. Vibrating screen. Vertical preheater. Rotary kiln. Vertical cooler. etc.Step2: Grinding and balling--Raw material production and storageA. Process introduction: Calcined dolomite. using a ball mill and other equipment to the grinding ball material. storage after production well.B. The main equipment: Electronic batching scale. Bucket elevator. Ball mill. Screw conveyer. FU chain conveyor. etc.Step3: Reduction treatment -Reduction treatment raw materialsA. Process introduction: Refine the raw materials. product the qualified products and sales.B. List of equipment and processes: Reduction furnace. Wind machine Vacuum pump. Jet pump. etc.Step4: Refine--produce a productA. Process introduction: Use of a series of equipment. refine the raw material. create quality products and sales them.B. The main equipments: Refining furnace. Electronic moisture device. Pouring pump. Continuous casting machine. etc.Company Name: Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co.. Ltd.Official Website: http://www.hnzkmachine.com24-hour Free Sales Consulting Phone: 861-0371 -5590 2866.Company Address: Qiaolou caizhai industrial estate. Xingyang city. Henan ProvincePlease pay attention to the company's other products:Price of rotary kiln: http://www.hnzkmachine.com/calcining.htmlRotary Kiln:http://www.hnzkmachine.com/calcining.htmlPreheater: http://www.hnzkmachine.com/calcining/8.htmlCement Mill: http://www.hnzkmachine.com/grinding/17.htmlRotary Dryer: http://www.hnzkmachine.com/calcining/116.htmlRaw Mill: http://www.hnzkmachine.com/grinding/16.htmlTrommel Screen:http://www.hnzkmachine.com/separating/137.htmlRotary cooler:http://www.hnzkmachine.com/calcining/6.htmlMagnesium rotary kilnspectechnical parameterespeed reducermotorsupporting quantity(m)revslopeoutputtypetypepower (r/min)(%)(t/h)(KW)Φ1.6x320.58~2.8542ZQ75-50YCT250-4A18.53Φ1.6/1.9x360.53~1.5942.5~3ZQ110-7YCT250-4B223Φ1.9x390.53~1.5943~3.4ZQ125-7YCT315-4A373Φ2.2x450.214~1.643.54~5main:ZS125-5YCT315-4B453auxiliary:ZQ40-40Y112M-44Φ2.5x500.62~1.53.55~6main:ZS165-5YCT355-4A553auxiliary:ZS50-1Y160M-67.5Φ2.5x550.62~1.53.55~6main:ZS165-5YCT355-4A553auxiliary:ZS50-1Y160M-67.5Φ2.8x550.62~1.53.56~7main:ZS165-6YCT355-4B753auxiliary:ZS50-1Y160L-611Φ3.0x600.5~1.53.57~9main:ZS165-3ZSN-280-11B1254auxiliary:ZS50-1Y160L-611Φ3.2x640.4~1.53.58~10main:ZL130-16ZSN-280-11B1904auxiliary:ZL50-10Y180L-422Φ3.5x700.4~1.53.512~14main:ZSY500-40ZSN-315-0822804auxiliary:ZL50-14Y180L-422Φ4x800.4~1.53.516~20main:ZSY630-35.5ZSN-315-123554auxiliary:ZSY280-35.5Y200L-430Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co.. Ltd has become an integrated modern enterprise with scientific research. design. development. manufacturing. sales. installation. commissioning and training services.The main products of company include: ball mill. rotary kiln. vertical preheater. cooler. crusher. metallurgical coke oven. magnetic separator. flotation machine. classifier. feeder. bucket elevator. preheater. dust collector. elevator. drier. and other equipments relate to metallurgy. cement. lime. mineral processing. refractory. chemical industry. The products of Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co.. Ltd have been sold to every province of China and exported to Russia. Korea. Vietnam. Malaysia. Nepal. Bangladesh. Mexico. Armenia. Africa. South America and other countries and regions. At present. Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co.. Ltd is the largest equipment supplier for magnesium production and has been on the leading position for 25 years in the market.We have advanced production technology and management. Our professional engeneers and after-sales groups production technology can offer convienient service for our customers.

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